Our practice believes in affordable care for patients living in Atlanta, which is why we’re proud to offer a variety of dental specials that prioritize convenience and comprehensive care. When it comes to your dentistry needs and oral health, Madison Yards Family Dentistry is a trusted provider of general, cosmetic and restorative dental services. We’re offering free second opinions as well as discounted preventive care for new or uninsured patients who are considering scheduling an appointment with us.

Free Second Opinions

It’s unfortunate when a patient leaves the dentist office with more questions than answers. If you’ve experienced this after a diagnosis, we’re here to help with free second opinions.

It’s critical that you understand and trust the people providing your care, which includes your dentist, dental team and dentistry practice. At Madison Yards Family Dentistry, your health is our top focus. When patients are unsure about their treatment options, a second opinion can help address concerns and instill more confidence about moving forward with dental care.

One of the dental specials we give new patients is a second opinion from a certified, top rated dentist. Your diagnosis, treatment alternatives, benefits and risks, projected costs, and future plans will all be discussed. We’re happy to talk through what’s happening together with you. Be sure to request any previous X-rays be sent to our office, so we can perform a complete examination of the dental treatment plan you were given.

Dental Offers on Preventive Care

Routine visits to the dentist are an important part of care and we’re here to support you through these appointments. Our in-house discount plan includes the following preventive dental services:


  • Panoramic digital X-rays
  • Professional cleanings
  • Biannual exams


Uninsured patients who come in to receive the preventive care services listed above will receive a 20% discount on these dental treatments.

This involves a thorough evaluation. Your hygienist and dentist will check for cavities, damaged dental work, loose or broken teeth, gum disease, oral cancer, and more. Our office also uses digital X-ray equipment that features the latest in dental technology, which is proven to be more comfortable, faster and safer than traditional X-rays.

Madison Yards Dentistry Special Offer Details

Free second opinions cannot be combined with any other offer. Exams and X-rays are only available for new patients who have no insurance coverage. This applies to all ages and cannot combine with any other dental special or offer.

Schedule Affordable Dental Appointments in Atlanta Today

For patients without dental insurance, we’re here to ensure you’re able to receive best in class, affordable dental care at Madison Yards Family Dentistry. You’re welcome to explore our dental specials to find out what’s right for you.

If you have any questions, contact our office to discuss your eligibility for our in-house financing options and new patient specials! You can give us a call at (404) 836-4595 or fill out this online form to schedule your next dentist appointment in Atlanta. Our team is available for extended hours during the week and on Saturdays.