Composite Fillings in Atlanta

If you have a decaying, cracked or fractured tooth, a composite filling may be the right solution for you. The expert dental team at Madison Yards Family Dentistry are proud to offer access to affordable tooth-colored fillings in the Atlanta area. We specialize in treating cavities and fractured teeth with fillings of all kinds, including composite fillings. Our goal is to make the filling process comfortable and simple for you and your family at our convenient location in Atlanta’s Grant Park neighborhood.

Benefits of Composite Fillings

The most common fillings are made out of gold, silver amalgam or tooth-colored composites. Composite fillings are a popular choice for many patients because of the restorative and cosmetic benefits. They can improve both look and function, which makes them a great choice.
And while composite fillings aren’t your only option, they are a great alternative to metal fillings for many reasons. Composite fillings are recommended for teeth toward the front of the mouth because they are closely matched to the natural color of your teeth. We also match the shape of the composite filling to the natural shape of your tooth. While metal fillings are easy to spot, composite fillings blend into your surrounding teeth much better. Composite fillings are not quite as strong as metal fillings, but they’re still extremely durable and expected to last for years without needing attention.

The Process of Getting Composite Fillings

This treatment often only requires one appointment. Here’s what to expect when you visit our office for a composite filling:

Preparing for Your Filling

We’ll start by numbing your mouth with a local anesthetic. Then, your dentist will remove any decay from the tooth. Depending on severity, this may require a root canal. Once the tooth is thoroughly cleaned, the filling will be ready for placement.

Placing the Filling

Now, your dentist will place your filling in the prepared area. After it’s placed, the filling will be shaped and polished to ensure it fits correctly with your tooth. If placement is successful, the composite filling should be virtually indistinguishable from the rest of your natural tooth.

After the Procedure

Your tooth will be sensitive for a few days after the filling procedure. Try to avoid very hot and very cold substances. If you’re still experiencing discomfort after a few days, contact your dentist for a consultation. Otherwise, you should be able to eat, drink and use your teeth for everyday functions with a composite filling. Be sure to continue caring for your teeth like normal and attend your routine dental visits.

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If you need a natural-looking filling option for damaged or decayed teeth, a composite filling could be right for you! We encourage you to set up an appointment to meet with our dental team at Madison Yards Family Dentistry in Atlanta.

This dental option tends to be more expensive due to the composite material. When you come in for a consultation, we’ll go over a more exact cost estimate depending on your specific treatment plan. Our team is here to help you achieve optimal oral health and keep your teeth healthy from the inside out. To get started, simply call our office at (404) 836-4595 or fill out our online contact form today!

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