Dental Technology

At Madison Yards Family Dentistry, we are committed to empowering our patients with information regarding the latest updates on the dental technology available in Atlanta. Our team strives to stay up to date on the latest trends, techniques and technological advances in the industry, so they can provide our patients with the most convenient and comfortable dental visit possible. Our Atlanta-area dental office is outfitted with a caring and compassionate team who will answer all your questions and provide you with thorough consultations regarding your dental care. Discover how these technological changes in dental care impact your dental care plan and the cost of services. Keeping our team informed helps us efficiently serve patients and allows us to deliver the personal attention each of them deserve.

If you’d like to learn more about the latest dental technology, read on below! You can also feel free to call our office with your questions!

Learn More About The Latest Dental Technology

Intraoral Camera

Our dentists use intraoral cameras to both diagnose and educate patients. These cameras are small enough to gently maneuver in your mouth during your dental exam. Intraoral cameras are widely used technologic tools which allow us to show our patients the details of their current oral health and discover any potential issues detected by our dentists. Displaying the camera feed on TV screens for patients assists our dentists as they explain their diagnosis and dental health recommendations.

Dental Magnification Loupes

Dentists must work in very small spaces, and they have to be accurate to a fraction of a millimeter. Fortunately, new dental technology assists dentists perform complicated procedures with ease. Our dentists use the same special prismatic magnification glasses, known as “loupes,” as surgeons, which help them practice the extreme attention to detail and exacting precision needed to best serve patients during complex procedures.

Computerized Records

At Madison Yards Family Dentistry, we are proud to say that we are a completely paperless office! Our computerized records system not only reduces waste and helps the environment, but it also allows our team to run more efficiently and keep a more accurate track of your services.

Additional Technologies Available at Your Atlanta-Area Dental Office

  • HD TVs for patient comfort and for viewing digital dental X-rays
  • Microscopes for complex cases
  • Electric handpieces for reduced noise

Our Atlanta Dentists Use Digital Dental X-Rays

At our Atlanta dentist office, dental x-rays are an integral part of your annual exam, and they can help our dentists detect a myriad of potential issues, such as tooth decay, deep cavities, gum disease – even dangerous cysts and tumors. Using the latest dental technology, the team at Madison Yards Family Dentistry takes digital dental x-rays, rather than traditional dental x-rays. These new, advanced x-rays have several advantages over their old-fashioned counterparts, such as:

  • They’re healthier – digital dental X-rays emit less radiation than conventional X-rays.
  • They’re comfortable – we’ll use smaller, more comfortable sensors, instead of sharp pieces of X-ray film.
  • They’re quicker – in mere minutes, we can transmit your X-ray images directly to our computer screen.
  • They’re convenient – you’ll see your results almost immediately, and we can email you a copy, rather than presenting you with your X-rays in a large, cumbersome envelope.
  • Thanks to the latest in dental technology, we can detect dental issues faster and more efficiently during your check-up. After taking your digital dental X-rays, your dentist will be able to determine if you’re suffering from any potential problems, such as:
    • Small areas of tooth decay, even those between teeth or below existing
    • Cavities deep inside the tooth, where the naked eye can’t see them
    • Infections in the jaw bones
    • Gum disease, or gingivitis
    • Abscesses or cysts, as well as some types of tumors
    • Developmental abnormalities

We also use digital panoramic dental X-rays to evaluate your entire mouth instead of isolating selected areas. This full view is especially helpful in complex full-mouth restorations and in treatment planning for orthodontics.

Want to learn more about the latest dental technology? Contact your Atlanta-area dentist at Madison Yards Family Dentistry today for a dental health consultation.