Comprehensive Dental Exams in Atlanta at Madison Yards Dentistry

The best way to take care of your teeth is to attend routine dental cleanings at Madison Yards Family Dentistry. Having a thorough, professional cleaning every six months ensures that your teeth and gums maintain optimal health. While we know it can be tempting to skip visits if you’re feeling healthy, routine visits are key for preventive care. Plus, visiting our Grant Park office is convenient and fun! At Madison Yards Family Dentistry, our team is dedicated to offering affordable dental exams to the Grant Park area. We believe going to the dentist should be efficient and accessible for Atlanta families.

What Happens During Your Visit

Upon your arrival at Madison Yards Dentistry, our administrative professionals will check you in at the front desk. There may be some paperwork to complete and insurance information to exchange. We offer a comfortable waiting area where you can sit and relax until your appointment. When one of our skilled hygienists is ready to see you, you’ll be called back to a workstation for your appointment. Routine dental visits at Madison Yards Dentistry typically include the following:

Routine Cleaning

During a routine cleaning at our practice, your hygienist will:

  • Check the general health of your teeth and gums
  • Remove all plaque and tartar
  • Polish teeth
  • Floss the hard-to-reach areas

Taking advantage of your biannual routine cleanings will help keep your at-home dental hygiene on track. Though you may floss and brush regularly, your hygienist will clean deeper than you’re able to accomplish on your own.

Overall Evaluation

During your dental exam, your mouth will be screened for cavities, gum disease, oral cancer and more. Your hygienist and dentist will also check for damaged fillings, crowns and bridges as well as any loose, broken or decaying teeth. This is perhaps the most important part of your visit because many of these signs can only be spotted by an experienced dental team. We’ll also administer any necessary X-rays in our office and evaluate any dental hardware you may use. Lastly, we’ll evaluate your face, neck, lymph nodes and lower jaw joints for any discomfort or abnormalities.


Routine appointments are also your chance to address any oral health concerns. Our team is here to listen to your worries and address anything that could potentially harm your mouth. Rest assured that your dentist will also talk you through the treatment systems in place. Any treatment plan you may need is customized to individual patient needs. Our dentists, alongside our expert dental care team, are here to make your routine dental exam a breeze no matter what, and we want to help you set up sustainable dental habits.

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