Digital Dental X-Rays in Atlanta

Digital X-rays are available at Madison Yards Family Dentistry! Gone are the days of big machinery, high levels of radiation, and everything else that came with taking traditional X-rays. Now, our expert dental staff can simply insert a sensor into your mouth to capture images of your teeth and jaws. Digital X-rays offer the same benefits of traditional X-rays with a lot less work involved.
At Madison Yards Dentistry, we’re dedicated to providing the latest and most efficient treatment to our Atlanta patients. If you need digital dental X-rays around the Grant Park area, our office looks forward to hearing from you!

What are Digital X-Rays Used For?

For nearly anything you would need a traditional X-ray for, a digital X-ray can be taken instead. During your routine exam at Madison Yards Dentistry, we use digital X-rays to better detect any potential issues like tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, cysts, tumors and more. Digital X-rays give us insight into the details of your mouth that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Digital panoramic dental X-rays also allow us to get a full view of your mouth at once whereas traditional X-rays could only see parts of your mouth at one time.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

Madison Yards Dentistry uses digital dental X-rays to ensure we’re offering a best in class dental experience to you and your family. Digital dental X-rays offer many benefits, including:

Close Inspection

A digital dental X-ray eliminates the need for traditional X-ray film to be developed. Once the digital X-ray is taken, the image is displayed on screen almost immediately. From there, it’s simple for us to enlarge and magnify certain areas in much more detail than previously available. Your dentist is also able to discuss the results with you during the same appointment photos were taken.

Email Capabilities

Instead of mailing your physical X-rays to other doctors’ offices, we’re now able to simply send X-ray images via email. This expedites your medical experience immensely because medical professionals can now exchange essential X-ray information without waiting on snail mail. This is also environmentally beneficial because it eliminates the chemicals needed to produce X-ray film, as well as diminishes the need for physical mail delivery!

Healthier & More Comfortable

Although traditional X-rays don’t produce much radiation, digital dental X-rays emit up to 90% less. Additionally, it’s much less invasive to have a digital X-ray taken. Digital X-rays are administered with small sensors inserted into your mouth and conveniently produce images in a few moments. Our patients report feeling much more comfort with this method.

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